This writing sample is from a college class about American diplomatic history at George Washington University. We were given 28 documents to read and analyze what major theme from the class was prevalent. This essay represents my critical thinking skills. I was able to compare and contrast 28 documents to find a recurring theme we studied in class. I took that theme and wrote an essay with a clear argument and supporting evidence.

To represent my business writing and analytical skills, this writing sample highlights a rhetorical analysis of a company’s social media presence on Instagram. This call for proposal was written for a business writing class, but uses a real company as an example. It showcases my ability to analyze information and write proposals or other formal documents for clients in a clear way.

This interview essay represents my skill of writing concisely and reflecting. In a business writing class, I performed an interview with an attorney and wrote a reflection on the interview and key takeaways about writing in the legal field. I was able to analyze and synthesize the interview to write this analytical summary.

A final professional piece of writing I have is a blog post I wrote for a client’s website. The goal of this article was to inform businesses and individuals about updates on various social media platforms. This writing shows my ability to repurpose information and write it clearly for the audience.